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Corales de Paz

Fashion for us is a way in which we can all express our different cultures and personalities, but most importantly it's a way we can contribute to the world. Every single choice we make regarding what we buy in this consumerist society has a way of affecting our planet and cause ecological problematics you can’t even imagine. That’s why we promote sustain - ability and the idea that we can be ethically responsible without undermining our style and creativity.

Wear your WILD & PACIFIC Bikini PROUDLY!

Not only are we implementing this sense of environmental conscience into our fabrics, but we are also working with one of the biggest coral reef organizations in Colombia, Corales de Paz, which is dedicated to transplanting coral reefs along the beautiful Caribbean coastlines of this diverse country and also promote a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. This is one of our most important values here in Wild & Pacific, promoting a safe, luxurious, sustainable, ethical and adventurous lifestyle to the public eye, so that we can all become part of a world in which nature and humanity can coexist equally and in harmony.

But what exactly is transplanting coral reefs?

Transplanting a coral implies that a colony will be taken from the nursery / laboratories which Corales de Paz has built to the reef or final transplant site for the coral to continue its growth process in its natural habitat.

Wild & Pacific is linked to this work carried out by Corales de Paz through the purchases made by our consumers as shown below:
For each set (Top + Bottom) that our consumer acquires in our different sales channels, Wild & Pacific will donate $ 3,000 COP/ 5 USD to Corales de Paz, with this contribution they will be transplanting corals in the Colombian Caribbean, restoring the reefs affected by climate change, undiscriminated fishing, and other images made by men due to lack of education and morality.






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